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Counter Strike Сообщество Video Counter-Strike: Source Legends (HD & 16:9)
Counter-Strike: Source Legends (HD & 16:9)
31 Января 2012

Facebook: http:www.facebook.compagesRaYmOn126612780755341 Frieds invite here: http:www.facebook.comprofile.php?id=100001936525320 http:www.youtube.comuserTheRaYmOn64 Source Config - http:ul.to6tgwzx 1.6 Config - http:ul.toj7yzks ______________________________ ______________________________ By Max Silver ------------------------------ Counter-Strike: Source Legends shows the best player on the world. Kodiak, JD | Hyper and many more! ------------------------------ Max Silvers Readme to CS:S Legends LEGENDS --- Name: Legends Resolution: 1280x720 Codec: x264 Filesize: 225MB Created: Max Goodeh Silver --- Featuring: Airraid.c0bain.delonge.Devour disruptor.FroD.HaZ.Hughsy jIMMy.Jonssen.KODIAK.Lin.Maths MYTT3.NightfaLL.orga.Paradox .PhP.P1Gstick.Raul.Samitsky.xiu --- 12 months ago I started a project this project was a goal to create a movie with top frags from top players around the globe. About 3 months in I lost the will to keep on working on it, and let it stagnate for 9 months. This month I got several PM's asking where the movie was so decided to finish it. It's not my best work, but it's good enough :) This is my last ever movie, enjoy! --- Visit: infprod.com - THE source movie making community Cadred.org - The lounge for online gamers Sourceradio.com - eSports movies ------------------------------ Remember I'm not the maker of this video! I'm just the uploader.