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Counter Strike Сообщество Video sYnced II - Pro Counter Strike Source Movie -
sYnced II - Pro Counter Strike Source Movie -
31 Января 2012

The followup to the highly successful first movie, this film features insane slow motion and extremely high quality video with a very nice sync (hence the name sYnced). The transitions are also done very nicely and the soundtrack suits well. My biggest problem with the film is its length, at 4:00 minutes in length the first minute is intro and the last minute is credits. Entered into the competition as the 'favorite' to win I feel that too many people are afraid to look past the name. This movie is almost a mirror image to the first, only this time everyone already knew what to expect. It would have been nice to see more creativity from this talented producer, but never the less this movie will not let you down - Video Soundtrack - 00:00 Shadows (Unicorn Remix) - Unknown Error 02:22 Sleeping Awake - P.O.D 03:06 Passive - A Perfect Circle Enjoy and have fun